NOTE: Tickets run from the start time of the session you chose when booking, regardless of when you physically arrive at the Fishery.

Day Sessions start at 7am
Night Sessions start at 7pm

To book a ticket online, you have to book before the start time of that session. If you wish to book and the session has already begun, please call us on: 01732 865 355.


  • Day Ticket (1 session, 12hrs)
  • Night Ticket (1 session, 12hrs)
  • Short Stay Ticket (2 x sessions, 24hrs)
  • Medium Stay Ticket (3 x sessions, 36hrs)
  • Long Stay Ticket (4 x sessions, 48hrs)

For example:
If you have booked a Short Stay Ticket starting during the Day session (which starts at 7am) and arrive at the fishery at 1pm – you have 18hrs of fishing left on your ticket.