Award Winning Environment

Kent Wildlife Trust have awarded Derek Martin of Gabriels Farm Edenbridge TN8 5PP
With the Richard Neame Local Wildlife Sites Silver Award 2012 presented through the Kent Wildlife Trust

The Kent Biodiversity Partnership Steering Group oversees the selection of Local Wildlife Site’s using robust, scientifically determined criteria and local knowledge and understanding of this areas natural environment.

The selection process draws on the expertise of some of the county’s most experienced and knowledgeable naturalists.

The increase and diversity of species has come from the increase in habitat. Plant life, trees and water have been brought together and have created richness of numbers and species of insects and birds which in turn has reflected in an increase in the quality of fish, reptiles and animals on the site.

The entire conservation habitat development has been achieved within a sustainable farming background.

The lakes have contributed immensely and we now have an abundance of wild flowers, which have attracted birds such as Egrets, Warblers, Sky Larks, Mandarin Ducks and Kingfishers. Butterflies of many species such as Red Admiral, Peacock and the Rare Purple Emperor have now been photographed. For four years during May a pair of Golden Orial have been seen around the lakes where they particularly like the poplar trees and the lakes with their undisturbed islands.