**We are open for business. **


In our beautiful rural countryside, we are taking a BUSINESS AS USUAL approach. The current NHS advice is that most people can continue to go to work, school and other public places – there is nothing currently to stop people from going fishing and enjoying our out- door environment. We offer fresh air, a natural environment and good fishing. Everyone is welcome as they always have been. We all need to behave as we would normally while still taking on board the NHS current advice. Wash your hands before putting them near your mouth.

We will not ask anyone to do anything that we thought may put them at unnecessary risk. We will keep to our normal cleaning procedures at this time- just more frequently. We will be paying additional attention to surfaces that come into contact with skin, such as door handles and payment key pads etc. You are welcome to phone us and pay over the phone should you want to.

If you have any concerns about symptoms or need medical advice dial 111 on your phone.

The carp here are always keen to be fed. The trick is to know what they want to be fed on. Generally, in the spring they like fishy flavoured boilies and natural foods that are already present around the margins. When the fishing gets slow it is a good tactic to use a ground bait to call in the small fish. Once the smaller fish are feeding the larger fish will come around to see what the excitement is about. Then a well-positioned PVA bag of ground bait with a fishy boilie works.
Consider, when fishing with multiple rods it is a good idea to use different tactics on at least one line.

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