Our Fishing Update

This winter we have only recorded three nights of frost and then the temperatures steadied at around 8 degrees each night. The winter storms brought with them a lot of rain and strong winds which brought down trees blocked ditches and flooded the roads to our fishery. Throughout much of the winter, anglers have not been able to get to the water even though the lakes themselves have not been affected by the flooding. The temperature of the water has remained high and the fish have continued to feed.

Strong and healthy fish are every where. But watch out for the heavy weights as they have uncharacteristically fed themselves silly all winter and put on muscle in the warm water and are in prime condition. I will not be surprised to hear that record weights for roach, rudd and perch are being broken this year.

The sun has come out and the temperature has risen again and the fish have started to jump.
Those anglers who have recently dipped their lines in the water, found that the large carp were turned on and fed franticly on anything sweat or fishy. Boilies flavoured of, strawberry, tutti-fruity, pineapple, scopex, crab, halibut and prawn all of these have caught 18lbs to 36lbs carp this last month.

Within a couple of days the bird life around the lakes changed. The swans arrived along with the buntings and the reed warblers, long tailed tits and gold finches. kingfishers have been seen first sitting in the poplar trees where the buds are just breaking, then diving into the water and coming out with a small fish in their bills.
Fishing, looking and listening, participating and experiencing life is evolving into spring. The tips of the reeds have started to show their first signs of growth and the perch have chased the small fish as they fed on the new roots. Maggots worked well to catch the perch close in the margins particularly where this new growth was obvious. There are a lot of frogs croaking in the margins and shallow water. This means that there will soon bee lots of natural food for the fish and the fishing will be fantastic.

The Environment Agency closed season is now with us and this means that many club waters are closed too. Don’t put away your rods just yet Gabriels Fishery and many other still water venues are open for business.

Swallow Lake

Dominated by carp with an average size of 6lbs and a lake record of 12lbs. Other fish include roach, bream and rudd. An excellent days fishing can be had with a few maggots but be careful not to loose the catch in the margin, reeds. This lake is easy to access from the central car park where there are also toilets and litter bins.

Hare Lake

Perch to about 2lbs have come out on maggot in the margins all of this month Silver lake

Silver Lake

This water is fishing well in the sun where tench chub, rudd, dace and roach have all put in a regular appearance. Many people have taken time to explain that they have had their best days fishing in this month’s early sunshine.

River Eden

The river Eden is controlled by the Environment Agency and it is the closed season

Admiral Lake

For the first three weeks of the period has meant warm water and Admiral Lake has fished its head off

Oak Lake

For those who fished with maggot found that perch and roach were easily caught, as were carp to 12 lbs. Larger carp have seen on the surface where skilfully placed floating baits have seen 21lb to 27lb fish on the unhooking mat.