We are continually restocking the bait and tackle shop and it certainly feels like its all selling quickly before its had a chance to be displayed for long!! Some real bargains to be had at the moment with a 50″ umbrella at £30 one of our best sellers! The Fishery continues to be a beautiful […]

June has gone and July …..

June has gone and July looks to be hot and dry, no sign of rain at all, we must have had it all during the winter months!! Hot nights have brought out campers and the fish are high in the water soaking up the warmth of the summer sun. Large grass carp have been caught […]

2018 is well underway …

2018 is well underway and we have already had some record catches coming out of Admiral Lake, one weighing in at 44&1/2lbs. Comparing these to previous years where in 2015 the largest fish was 37lbs, 2017 the largest was a mirror carp at 39lb 8oz, followed by a 41lbs Common Carp two weeks later. It […]

Fishing – Catches

Over the years we have noticed that the size of the fish reported being caught has increased. In 2015 the largest fish reported was a 37lbs mirror carp In 2016 the largest fish reported was a 37lbs common carp In May 2017 at 38lbs 8oz mirror was landed Two weeks later another record, this time […]

Some dates with revised opening hours

Over the next few months we have a number of private functions taking place. On these days the opening hours will be different to our usual hours. On the following dates only, we will be opening at 2pm: Saturday 29th October Saturday 12th November Saturday 26th November Saturday 10th December Tuesday 27th December Saturday 7th […]

Our Fishing Update

Grandma and Grandad had the children for the week. It was Monday morning and the caravan was hitched to the car and the destination was Gabriels Fishery. Camping and caravanning is separate at the site to the fishing on a level field adjacent to the River Eden and just the other side of the hedge […]

Our Fishing Update

Oak Lake is Packed full of Carp to 30lbs and these are coming out on fishy boilies, although sweet corn and hemp are still standby favourites. With sensible rigs and the correct tactics for the day, you will catch. Swallow lake is dominated by smaller carp although they are growing and there is often 8lb […]

Our Fishing Update

Beautiful pink cherry blossom is out in full flower. The fish are jumping out of the water as if they want to pick the fruit before it is set on the tree. The first cuckoo was heard and seen at the fishery on the 17th April.

The fish are feeding on maggot and roach, bream and perch to 4lb have come out of Hare Lake.

Silver Lake holds fifteen species of fish. The record last year was nine species caught in four hours. The fish are feeding well, but can you present the right bait on the right rig in the right place, to beat this record?

On the surface in the afternoons when the sun has warmed the water, carp are caught on floating dog biscuit. During the day though, the fish seem to favour halibut prawn and shrimp on Oak Lake.

Swallow is a lake for those who want to catch fish up to 10 lbs and right now the water is rated good to easy fishing
Boilies such as crab, halibut as well as prawn are producing regular 20lbs and 30lbs carp on Admiral Lake.

There is a real mix of species on silver lake, with chub, tench and carp all feeding. Over the holiday fishing has been very good with the initial warm weather bringing the expectation of a great day and the fish responded well, and everyone caught something…

Our Fishing Update

This winter we have only recorded three nights of frost and then the temperatures steadied at around 8 degrees each night. The winter storms brought with them a lot of rain and strong winds which brought down trees blocked ditches and flooded the roads to our fishery. Throughout much of the winter, anglers have not been able to get to the water even though the lakes themselves have not been affected by the flooding. The temperature of the water has remained high and the fish have continued to feed.

Strong and healthy fish are every where. But watch out for the heavy weights as they have uncharacteristically fed themselves silly all winter and put on muscle in the warm water and are in prime condition. I will not be surprised to hear that record weights for roach, rudd and perch are being broken this year.

The sun has come out and the temperature has risen again and the fish have started to jump.
Those anglers who have recently dipped their lines in the water, found that the large carp were turned on and fed franticly on anything sweat or fishy. Boilies flavoured of, strawberry, tutti-fruity, pineapple, scopex, crab, halibut and prawn all of these have caught 18lbs to 36lbs carp this last month.