Our Fishing Update

Grandma and Grandad had the children for the week. It was Monday morning and the caravan was hitched to the car and the destination was Gabriels Fishery.
Camping and caravanning is separate at the site to the fishing on a level field adjacent to the River Eden and just the other side of the hedge to the fishing lakes. There is a public walk East across the river bridge to the recreation ground at Edenbridge or West to Lingfield or walk North to Haxted and South to Marsh Green and a little playground.
The fishing through out the week was wonderful with a different Lake providing a selection of fish species. Hare Lake was great for pumpkinseed and chub although a common bream of 6lbs was the big fish of their first day.
On the Tuesday they fished with a premixed ground bait that they bought in the Anglers Rest Shop. A golden tench at 4lbs was the fish of their day although Grandad landed a 9.5lb common carp and a lovely 2.5 lb perch. Gudgeon, roach and rudd was the most common caught in their total bag. Each time a fish was caught it was marked on the score card. At the end of the day this showed the total bag for the family was one hundred and twenty two fish;
Golden tench
Green tench
Common carp
Mirror carp
The caravan  had been parked adjacent to the river and although the water was flowing slowly and the water level was dropped so at that point it appears quite narrow with reeds and water lilies and overhanging bushes, the water itself is very clear. At the bridge the children played ‘poo sticks’, dropping a twig each into the water and seeing who‘s was the first to appear on the other side. Grandma noticed that there were a number of fish lying just below the bridge and after a while a much larger fish would dart out and all of the smaller fish would disappear. So in the morning Grandad tried the River Eden. From the shop he bought a tin of luncheon meat and another of sweet corn. He showed the children how to take his plastic biro pen apart and then to use the casing to make small round plugs from the slice of the luncheon meat he had just cut. Then how to put this neatly shaped plug on to the hook, a size 16. To then crimp on a split shot weight just heavy enough to hold the bait in the water below the float. He tried in the river first a swim in the field next to where he parked the caravan. Almost at once a dace was on the bank. This was followed by a fat roach and then a chub of about 3lbs. Several more gudgeon came out and then another chub of 1.5lbs. Four roach on the trot and then a common carp of 3.5 lbs. A small rudd and it was time for a picnic, so every thing changed. After lunch a small expedition was planned to walk up stream into the next field where there was a herd of horses grazing with foals that suckled then went off and played with their friends. The crocodile of four walked past the old weir pool