12hr ticket

Booking is easy:

  1. Choose 1 or 2 rods and enter the tickets you require
  2. If you are bringing a spectator(s), choose Day or Night and the number of tickets you require (one per angler)
  3. Choose your month by using the arrows in the grey bar
  4. Click to choose your date
  5. Choose the time block i.e. Day tickets starting at 7am or Night tickets starting at 7pm
  6. Click the “Book Now” button
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Must use carp cradle with sides and 42” landing net.

Bookings must be paid in full prior to arriving.

For details of cancellations, please read our Terms and Conditions >

Fishing Licenses

Please enter your license number in the Notes section of the checkout page.

Official membership proof must be shown at check-in, on arrival.

Person Limits

One angler and one spectator per swim only. In our double swims, two anglers and two spectators only.

Spectators must pay a fee.

Swim Features

Maximum of 2 rods. Please choose accordingly above as there is a charge difference between 1 and 2 rods.

Swim size: Max XXXXm width XXXXm depth

Ground type: Grass