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River Eden

The River Eden starts just next the car park and meanders past the fishery for 3/4 of a mile. The most common of species caught in this stretch of river includes Chub between 3lbs and 7lbs, Perch to 4.5lbs, Pike to 24lbs, Gudgeon, Carp, Roach and Rudd as well as common Bream. Barbel have been caught just north of the weir.

From the 15th march-15th June inclusive, there is a closed season on the River Eden.

Admiral Lake – Extended in 2019

In Admiral Lake the Carp can weigh 40lbs plus. 2019 saw Admiral lake extended to enhance your fishing experience. To fish this water you will need to have minimum 42’’ landing net together with either a carp cradle or weighing tripod system, if you do not meet this requirement you will be asked to fish another lake on the complex. The water depth varies from a shallow of about a meter to deep water of three meters. The bottom is in the west is blue clay and changes to a yellow shale in the northeast.

Hare Lake

Hare Lake is a picturesque water with a variety of colourful water lilies. Stocked with a variety of course fish, BUT dominated by rather SIZABLE Pike. Roach, Chubb, Dace and carp can be also found in this water.

Oak Lake

Oak lake is decearning fishing for those anglers that want more of a challenge and to fish Carp to 20 lbs. If you’re fishing for carp you will need to have a minimum 42″ Landing Net & ‘Bean Bag’ style unhooking mat. Bream, Roach, Rudd and Perch can also be caught in this water. The lake is dominated by islands, that provide different swims and features from many directions. The bottom in some areas is of shingle, others of blue clay and some parts are yellow clay with shale. This means that the water depth is also various, from a meter deep between the islands to 5 meters near the lifebelt at the shop end of the lake. The poplar trees provide a picturesque reflection in the surface of the water and provide sunlight streaks and shade for both the fish and the anglers to enjoy.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is used as our match water . It has up to 30 pegs available for club bookings or private hire. It is a well stocked water. Fish species include Golden and Green Tench, Barbel, Perch, Silver Bream, Roach, Chubb, Dace, Ruffe, Gudgeon, as well as Grass, Common and Mirror Carp.

Swallow Lake

Swallow lake is situated on a slight rise in the open so that there is a view across to Admiral Lake . To the north there is a group of trees that shelter a deep pool with a water lilly in the centre common and mirror carp to 10lbs dominate the easy water , making it an ideal place for those who enjoy landing lots of fish.

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